About Us

Thank you for choosing Room to Sing Mask. We are a family owned and operated new business. We decided to start sewing Room to Sing masks for others because we couldn’t do without them – we sing too, and long for others to be able to fill the air with beautiful music and clear speech without so much discomfort.

Your custom made to order mask(s) will be sewn by Emi and Mom (Susan). Both of us are experienced quilters and singers too – with an attention to detail and striving for excellence in both. Together we’ve each sewn hundreds of masks as part of charitable projects, and have helped organize volunteer efforts to sew many tens of thousands. In supporting but essential roles for #RoomtoSingMask are Jared & Matthew and Dad (David). We are #TeamSelim, a homeschooling family just getting ready to move toward college and our next phase. This business venture provides an entrepreneurial internship to finish our high school homeschool journey, and second, will provide a way to fund choir tuition and choir tour fees, college tuition and maybe some family adventures. We like family adventures.

We thought we ought to introduce ourselves.


I am Emi. I am a soprano. This year is my last year in our youth chorus, and I just started college coursework (online this year). I’ve been sewing since 2012 – either by hand, machine or longarm quilting – and have made quilts, clothing and crafts. I love singing, sewing, reading, baking, and my cat, not necessarily in that order.

I am Susan. I am an alto (also a volunteer church choir director and pianist in normal times). I also love singing and sewing and technology. I currently have many roles, as most moms do. Choir-mom, accompanist-mom, homeschool-mom, career-mom, finishing-college-herself-mom, and others. For this venture, I’ll sew with Emi, shop for fabric (hooray) and take care of the Room to Sing Mask website and social media. Oh, and I’ll shop for fabric, which might be the best part.

I am Jared. I am a bass (and learning to play the piano). I love to sing, to think deeply, and to read and to learn. Like my sister, I sing in a youth chorus where this is our last year of eligibility. I’m finishing up a few remaining high school credits and college credits at the same time (online), and look forward to contributing to this business in all of the non-sewing things that need to get done. I love the sound on the phone alerting us that another order for #RoomtoSing masks is needed.

I am Matthew. I sing along with my family, and love to help set up equipment and chairs for choir performances. I wear a Room to Sing Mask because it doesn’t rub on my face so much. My brother and sister include me in everything they do, and that makes me feel happy. I will help Jared and Dad make the ear loops, help make mask parts and help Dad get packages ready to ship.

I am David. I am a tenor. I’m willing to drive a weekly 4 hour round commute so that Emi and Jared can participate in a quality choral program, as long as I can wear my ‘Quack with Caution’ custom fabric mask wherever I go. I’m supporting Room to Sing Mask because it is something we can do together, and I’m thrilled that our teens will have a way to begin to fund some of their own expenses. It is time. 🙂

Until the need for these precautions has passed, we are a family of Mask Makers.

We hope to also be a family of difference makers to assist you in continuing to fill the world with the beautiful sound of great music. Our sincere thanks for giving us your business.

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