Acrylic Rulers for Mask Makers – Room to Sing & See Me Speak


This is an acrylic template set (11 pieces) to aid in cutting fabric for the Room to Sing Mask and See Me Speak Mask.


This is an acrylic template set to aid in cutting fabric for the Room to Sing & See Me Speak, pattern by Joan Fearnley, adapted by Susan Selim.   The templates are professionally fabricated in small batches, from a supplier who is also cutting face shields and has agreed to work us into their schedule.  We appreciate your patience & we’ll communicate with you on when you can expect your template set to ship.

This acrylic template has been produced simply to provide it for the lowest cost possible – it contains 11 pieces (including adaptations from both the 2.0 and 3.0 set – A (middle – medium/large), B (tabs – side), C (nose sleeve),  D (top – medium/small, same as Joan’s 3.0), E (bottom – medium/large, adapted from Joan’s 2.0), F (top – large, adapted from Joan’s 2.0), G (bottom – small, adapted from Joan’s 3.0), H – (middle – small), I (windowed middle with cutout), J (windowed tab), K (window vinyl overlay) .  Videos describing the construction of the original masks on which this adaptation is based are available on YouTube at:

Version 2.0 original video

Version 2.1 and 2.2 video

Singing with the Mask 

PDF (printable version from which the original acrylic template was created, video for the Room to Sing version forthcoming – follow Room to Sing Mask on Facebook for announcement and link)