About Us

Thank you for choosing Room to Sing Mask. We are a family owned and operated new business. We decided to start sewing Room to Sing masks for others because we couldn’t do without them – we sing too, and long for others to be able to fill the air with beautiful music and clear speech…

Emi and Me

Hi, I’m Susan. Previously a technology project manager and always a homeschool parent, choir mom/pianist/choir director, quilter & a crafter – I’m now also a ‘crazy mask lady’. If we’re going to wear these masks, they need to satisfy both form and function. Emi is just beginning college, and is a magician with anything associated with fiber – thread, fabric, yarn, paper & pen, anything at all. She often sings while she sews. We are your lead seamstresses, but have friends helping us who share our same commitment to quality and precision sewing. Together we are #RoomToSingMask makers.

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